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Aging and Gerontology

Aging is a universal phenomenon that adversely affects human beings and gerontology is the branch of science that deals with old age, the ageing process, and the problems faced by old people in general and in society. It is important to know the aging process, its impact on the individual and on society because the world will soon have more aged people. The study of aging and gerontology provides students with knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of aging and adult development. The number of older people in the U.S. has increased ten-fold since 1900. By 2030, 20% of Americans, about 70 million people, will have passed their 65th birthday.

The population age 85 and above is currently the fastest growing segment of the older population. There were about 65,000 people age 100 or older in 2000, and the number of centenarians is projected to grow quickly so that there may be as many as 381,000 by 2030.

Journals On Aging and Gerontology

The Journal of Aging Studies features scholarly papers offering new interpretations that challenge existing theory and empirical work. Articles need not deal with the field of aging as a whole, but with any defensibly relevant topic pertinent to the aging experience.

The International Journal of Aging and Human Development is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering gerontology from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Journal of Aging and Health - Editor - Kyriakos S. Markides University of Texas, Galveston, USA - Deals with social and behavioural factors relating to ageing and health, emphasizing health and quality of life.

Ageing & Society - Edited by Tony Warnes. Aims and Scope: Ageing and Society is an interdisciplinary and international journal devoted to publishing papers which further the understanding of human ageing in the wider social and cultural context. It draws contributions and readers from a broad spectrum of subject areas. In addition to original articles, Ageing and Society features an extensive book review section and a regular updating on specified research areas. There are occasional review symposia and special issues on important topics.

Books On Aging and Gerontology

The peculiarities of men aging: a collection of anecdotes. : An article from: Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare. Robert Blundo, Tamara Estes.

Aging and older men: thoughts, reflections and issues: introduction An article from: Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare. Robert Blundo, Deborah E. Bowen.

Annual Editions: Aging Book by Harold Cox.

Coping With Aging by Richard S. Lazarus, Bernice N. Lazarus.

Aging : Lifestyles, Work, and Money by Elizabeth Vierck, Kris Hodges.

The Time of Your Life : The Best of Genie Wheeler's Columns on Aging Issues Eugenie G Wheeler.

Historical Influences On Lives And Aging (Societal Impact on Aging) by K. Warner Schaie, Glen Elder, Glen H. Elder.

Perspectives On Productive Aging: Social Work With The New Aged by Lenard W. Kaye (Editor).

Elder Abuse: Selected Papers From The Prague World Congress On Family Violence
by Elizabeth Podnieks, Jordan I., Ph.D. Kosberg, Ariela, Ph.D. Lowenstein (Editors).