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In Greek legend the amazon was a female hunter, unusual for occupying a male role and the Amazon river was named after this legendary hunter when early European explorers encountered masculine females who were hunters and in many ways acted like men. The counterpart of this role among men is called berdache or two spirits. Amazon is a member of a legendary nation of female warriors in Greek mythology. The Kaska Indians of the Subarctic may select a daughter when it appeared the family was going to have no sons and perform a transformation ceremony to symbolically turn the daughter into a son. The dried ovaries of a bear were tied to her belt which she always wore, she dressed like males and engaged in hunting.

Transvestitism means in Latin trans across, over and vestitus dressed. Transsexual is an individual who has physically crossed the boundary between the sexes and thus becomes the other sex.

How did the ancient Greeks see the Amazons? 
There is a lot of literature concerning the Amazons and there are numerous pictures of Amazons in Greek art, mostly vase-painting and sculpture.

Amazons at the river Thermodon in northern Turkey 
It has always been very clear to the ancient Greeks, where these famous Amazons once really had lived. Their home had been at the mouth of the river Thermodon in Northern Turkey. This localization is so definite that even now the river bears a Turkish name which leaves no doubt about its identity.

Amazons from Libya 
There had been a second localization of the Amazons in ancient times. Long before the Amazons lived at the river Thermodon, there had been Amazons in Libya.