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Blog And Web Log

Blog is the short form for Web Log. Web logs has revolutionized the way one's thought is communicated to the world through the medium of Internet. There are thousands of blogs currently on the internet, maintained by people from different countries and of all age groups. Web Logs or Blogs are thus a rich source of information for sociological and psychological study. Blogs were maintained before the modern term was coined, but the blogging trend gained momentum with the rise of automated published systems like Blogger at, lowering the technical barriers. Web Logs or Blogs can reflect the state of the society and the government through the bloggers views.

The word blog is a shortened version of web logs or weblogs. Besides being shorter, blog seems less likely to cause confusion, as web log can also mean a server log file. Blogs gained popularity during elections and also during the recent war in Iraq. Unlike traditional media, the weblog gives access to everyone at negligible cost. One could spend as much as he would on a website or even nothing at all, considering the number of free services available today. Publishing through the weblog takes just as much effort as maintaining any website with the benefit of reaching out to the world.

A web logger does not even have to worry about his grammar or limitations regarding language skills. A weblog or blog is a website which is an online diary or an online journal containing personal thoughts, comments and events. If the quality of your weblog is good the world will be at your door in no time through links leading everyone to you. The links to your weblog will grow over time, costing you nothing.

A blog is generally updated or maintained regularly like a diary, or more in the nature of a diary, but one that is online. No one pays you for writing your weblog but the benefits will accrue in many other ways.

Blogs can also be web logs of links or leads to various websites that interested the blogger, giving an idea of the blogger's personal likes and dislikes, his behavioral traits, his scholarship and also his status in his society. Blogging is a very recent phenomena. The word blog may have not yet been included in dictionaries, but is the most common word on the Web today.