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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach the Top of Americas Largest Corporations? by Ann M. Morrison, Randall P. White, Ellen Van Velsor
Although women have reached management levels, only a miniscule minority in the Fortune 500 companies hold top positions - 1.7%. Frank responses from women and their male associates interviewed here illustrate factors that work for and against those trying to break sexist barriers, the glass ceiling between women and the top. Capable women can be limited as well by lack of drive, failure to get and give help or exhaustion caused by their responsibilities as wives and mothers. The authors' findings are buttressed by statistics, as well as psychological/behavioral evaluations of men and women candidates for promotion.

Glass Walls and Glass Ceilings : Women's Representation in State and Municipal Bureaucracies by Margaret F. Reid, Brinck Kerr, Will Miller
Reid, Kerr, and Miller provide the first book-length, systematic national analysis of female representational patterns in state and municipal bureaucracies. They find that despite three decades of affirmative legislation, women remain underrepresented in the highest and best-paying positions in administrative and professional posts. These findings are critical to the democratic legitimacy of public agencies at a time when trust in public institutions is low.

Negotiating the Glass Ceiling: Careers of Senior Women in the Academic World
by Miriam David, Diana Woodward (Editors)
Why is it that in many universities the number of women professors can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand, while the number of men number in the hundreds? Why are women academics so relatively disadvantaged and men so firmly in control?
Negotiating the Glass Ceiling gathers together the unique personal reflects of 16 eminent women working in higher education across the world. These personal reflections document some of the changing patterns of women's lives in higher education since the war, a time of massive social change within the education itself, as well as in women's lives outside higher education.

Dancing on the Glass Ceiling : Tap into Your True Strengths, Activate Your Vision, and Get What You Really Want out of Your Career - by Candy Deemer, Nancy Fredericks
"Dancing on the Glass Ceiling is a joy of discovery for professional women." Rikki Klieman, anchor, Court TV
Written in a friendly tone and featuring quizzes and self-assessments, Dancing on the Glass Ceiling is a workshop in a book that gives women the inspiration and practical tools to help them truly transform their careers and their futures.
From the Back Cover: How did 'Paramount Pictures' Sherry Lansing, Ogilvy and Mather's Shelly Lazarus, and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor make it to the top? Not by "playing like a man"! As you'll discover in Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, mimicking the macho leadership styles of successful businessmen may help you climb your way to the middle, but if you want to soar into the stratosphere of upper management, you have to play like a woman.
Read and experience Dancing on the Glass Ceiling; learn to celebrate the powers you already possess and use them to make your dreams come true. Go against the grain and win with the acclaimed wisdom of Dancing on the Glass Ceiling

"Dancing On the Glass Ceiling shatters the old paradigms about women not being able to truly thrive in the male dominated corporate hierarchy. Dancing On the Glass Ceiling is not about male-bashing; rather, it's about female empowerment.

"Dancing on the Glass Ceiling" is one of the most unique guides available for working women. It's a great read and an even better practical resource.

Dancing on the Glass Ceiling explores how women can benefit from their femininity in the workplace: e.g. how women's unique communication and managerial skills can be harnessed for success. "Dancing on the Glass Ceiling" is special in this respect.