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The term 'Civilization' is used in archaeology and by anthropologists to describe societies that exhibit complex culture and social organization. Characteristics of complexity of civilization can include the presence of cities, occupational specialization, intensive agricultural production, social stratification, long distance trade and commerce, monumental public architecture, writing and other intellectual achievements. Social scientists often prefer to avoid the term civilization because it was used in a moral sense by Europeans to suggest a contrast between civilized societies and uncivilized primitive people and became part of an ideology upholding colonial domination.

The Arab's Impact on European Civilization - By: Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad - Modern pattern of life spread in the East along with other manifestations of European civilization. The prevalence of both elements had an immediate effect on social behavior and its basis. The good and the bad faced each other as is normally witnessed in all quick changes. Seldom does any social change take place without changing the family, common traditions and the relationship between the classes.

Cosmos & Civilization is an electronic magazine exploring the nature of the cosmos and civilization within. This is your civilization, the one your children and grandchildren will live in. Earth's several civilizations have been integrated into one civilization for humanity. It is changing rapidly and at times in an apparently chaotic manner. Conflicting agendas attempt to pull it in different directions.