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Mobilization is an international journal of research and theory specializing in social movements, protests and collective behavior. Mobilization was created to fill the void that there was no scholarly journal of research and theory with an interdiscplinary and international scope that dealt exclusively with social movements, protest and collective action.

Social Movement Studies is an international and inter-disciplinary journal providing a forum for academic debate and analysis of extra-parliamentary political, cultural and social movements throughout the world. Social Movement Studies has a broad, inter-disciplinary approach designed to accommodate papers engaging with any theoretical school and which study the origins, development, organisation, values, context and impact of historical and contemporary movements active in all parts of the world.

The Institute of the Study of Collective Behavior and Memory is a non-profit, tax exempt organisation whose general purpose is to pursue research into ancient rituals, cosmologies, myths and legends, monuments and temples, symbols, systems of abstract and applied knowledge, and other clues to the early psychological history of mankind. A range of discoveries over the past few years has opened new lines of interpretation and suggested fascinating alternatives to the traditional concepts of the ancient world. We invite all with similar interests to join us in the effort by becoming a member.

Strands of Theory and Research in Collective Behavior - G T Marx,  J L Wood

Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian - Valuable, reliable information on the production, collection, organization, dissemination, retrieval, and use of information in the social and behavioral sciences! - Volume: 1 Issue: 3 ISSN: 0163-9269 Pub Date: 2/5/1981.

Journal of Organizational Behavior - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.