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In comparative cultural studies the methodologies available in the systemic and empirical evidence study of culture are favoured. Comparative cultural studies does not exclude textual analysis. Comparative culture and cultural studies is a new field of study. In comparative cultural studies the notion of comparative is merged with the field of cultural studies meaning that the study of culture and culture products not restricted to literature, communication, media and art. In comparative cultural studies it is the processes of communicative actions in culture. Comparative Cultural Studies is the study of society and culture from a comparative and cross-cultural analysis perspective.

In comparative cultural studies, selected tenets of comparative literature are compared with selected tenets of the field of cultural studies with the objective to study culture and culture products. For a long time cultural anthropology has been going through an intense self-critical debate. Comparative cultural studies courses give students insight into how people in different parts of the world experience, construct, negotiate, and live cultural preferences.

In comparative cultural studies Focus is placed on the theory, method, and application of the study process(es) rather than on the "what" of the object(s) of study. Comparative cultural studies is a contextual approach to the study of culture in a global and intercultural context. Comparative Cultural Studies.

Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America
By Sophia A. McClennen and Earl E. Fitz. Abstract: Comparative Literature and Culture stems from a growing conviction on the part of the guest editors of the issue that, given its vitality and excellence, Latin American literature.

The Institute for Comparative Cultural Studies in Ningbo is the Chinese branch of The Institute for Comparative Cultural Studies in Nottingham.