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Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis was a theme in postmodernism for writers like Paul Michel Foucault to analyze how people talk about the world around them. Action-implicative discourse analysis is the name for a new type of discourse analysis. Critical Discourse Analysis intervenes in social practice and attempts to reveal connections between language use, power, and ideology. The idea in discourse analysis is that the way people talk does not reflect some objective truth about that world. Critical trends in discourse analysis identify the intersection of language and social structure as the locus of critique. Discourse analysis could be an analysis of any text, so it would include written texts, lectures, while conversation analysis is a subset, looking at two or more people talking. Sequential Analysis or conversation analysis is one of themes that are the focus of ethnomethodology, including mundane reasoning and membership categorization.

Discourse Analysis Abstracts

Discourse Analysis Means Analysing Discourse: Some Comments On Antaki, Billig, Edwards And Potter 'Discourse Analysis Means Doing Analysis: A Critique Of Six Analytic Shortcomings' - Erica Burman. Abstract: Six analytic shortcomings of discourse analytic work identified by Antaki and others as concerned with contextual and part-whole relations.

Discourse and Text: Linguistic and Intertextual Analysis within Discourse Analysis 
Norman Fairclough. An argument for systematic textual analysis as a part of discourse analysis and to stimulate debate on this issue between different approaches to discourse analysis. Two types of textual analysis are linguistic analysis and intertextual analysis.

Cultural Studies, Critical Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis: Histories, Remembering and Futures - Terry Threadgold. Abstract: Some of the histories which inevitably connect, but also differentiate, critical discourse analysis and cultural studies. Both are strongly influenced by critical theory characterised as postmodernism and poststructuralism.

Incomplete Determinism: A Discourse Analysis of Cybernetic Futurology in Early Cyberculture - Sheryl N. Hamilton - This paper examines five temporal regularities produced in emergent cyberculture discourse in the post-WWII period in the United States.

Education and the Knowledge-Based Economy in Europe by Bob Jessop, Norman Fairclough, and Ruth Wodak The recent impact of the ‘knowledge economy’ in higher education in Europe. The papers apply a range of approaches to discourse analysis use a cultural political economy perspective which incorporates a version of critical discourse analysis.

Discourse Analysis Means Doing Analysis: A Critique Of Six Analytic Shortcomings. Charles Antaki, Michael Billig, Derek Edwards, Jonathan Potter - Discourse and Rhetoric Group. Abstract: Ways of treating talk and textual data are identified which fall short of discourse analysis. Illustrating shortcomings will encourage further development of rigorous discourse analysis in social psychology. 

Context is/as Critique - Jan Blommaert, Ghent University, Belgium - Critical Discourse Analysis work as largely backgrounding and narrative. Contexts that are usually overlooked in critical discourse studies.

Action-Implicative Discourse Analysis - Karen Tracy, University of Colorado, Boulder.
Action-implicative discourse analysis seeks to characterize the conversational techniques and situated ideals of communicative practices. The article's final section explicates criteria that could be used in action-implicative discourse analysis in particular.

Defining and Defending ‘Unhealthy’ Practices 
A Discourse Analysis of Chocolate 'Addicts' Accounts 
Rebecca Benford, Brendan Gough. A Foucauldian form of discourse analysis was applied to interview transcripts.

Discourses in the European Commission’s 1996–2000 Health Promotion Programme. Catherine Marie Sykes, Carla Willig, David F. Marks, Department of Psychology, City University. The analysis uses six stages to discourse analysis.

Critical Discourse Analysis and the Marketization of Public Discourse: The Universities - Norman Fairclough, Univ Lancaster.
Theoretical account of critical discourse analysis and a discussion of discursive practices in late capitalist society. Discussion of the value of critical discourse analysis as a method in social scientific research.

The implication of visual research for discourse analysis: transcription beyond language - Sigrid Norris
This article identifies limitations of discourse analysis by analyzing interactions between five boys in which the TV and the computer are featured.

Discourse Analysis and Social Relationships in Social Work - JOHN J. RODGER 
Distinction between the focus of discourse analysis on the constitution of knowledges and the project of studying how knowledgeable human beings negotiate meaning through social interaction.

Constructing Immigrants - A Historical Discourse Analysis of the Representations of Immigrants in US Social Work, 1882-1952 - Yoosun Park, Smith College School for Social Work, USA. 
This work of historical discourse analysis traces the discursive constructions of identity.

Evaluating Narrative Essays: a Discourse Analysis Perspective 
Siew-Mei Wu, Adult Migrant Education Service Melbourne Australia.
Insights from discourse analysis research can provide the writing teacher with ideas for a discourse oriented approach in the classroom.

Discourse Analysis in General Practice: A Sociolinguistic Approach - Nessa J and Malterud K. To discuss a methodological tool borrowed from sociolinguistics, discourse analysis. The authors have performed a discourse analysis of one single consultation.

Reflexivity and Critique in Discourse Analysis - Mary Bucholtz, Texas A&M University.
The anthropological concern with reflexivity and critique emerges most explicitly in debates over discourse analysis.

Teaching ‘with an attitude’: Critical Discourse Analysis in EFL teaching - Josep M. Cots.
Critical Discourse Analysis sees discourse as a form of ‘social practice.’ Another characteristic of critical discourse analysis is that it is engaged and committed.

Discourse analysis and literary interpretation: a reply to H. Sopher - Tony Deyes - The present article refers to a contribution to ELT Journal Vol. 35.3 (pp. 328–33) by H. Sopher.

Organizational Discourse Analysis: Avoiding the Determinism–Voluntarism Trap - Charles Conrad, Texas A&M University, USA.
Analysis of the methodological problems facing organizational discourse analysis to deal with micro-discourse, mesodiscourse, grand discourse, and mega-discourse.

Justification, Legitimization and Naturalization of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Texts - Eero Vaara, Janne Tienari.
Drawing on critical discourse analysis, the article focuses on justification, legitimization and naturalization processes in the Finnish media.

Multimodality, resemiotization: extending the analysis of discourse as multi-semiotic practice - Rick A M Iedema, University of New South Wales 
Traces the development of multimodal discourse analysis and sets out its main descriptive and analytical parameters.

Europe as a Discursive Battleground - Discourse Analysis and European Integration Studies - THOMAS DIEZ.