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Emily Greene Balch

Emily Greene Balch was an American economist and sociologist. Balch combined an academic career at Wellesley College with a long-standing interest in social issues such as poverty, child labor, and immigration, as well as reduce juvenile delinquency. She began collaborating with Jane Addams of Chicago. She became a central leader of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Emily Greene Balch won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946. Erich Fromm was one among distinguished sociologists.

Emily Greene Balch served on numerous state commissions, such as the first commission on minimum wages for women. Emily Greene Balch published a major sociological study of Our Slavic Fellow Citizens in 1910. In 1919, Emily Greene Balch played a central role in the International Congress of Women. It changed its name to the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. She was a pacifist, and was a participant in Henry Ford's International Committee on Mediation. When the United States entered the war, she opposed conscription in espionage legislation, and supported the civil liberties of conscientious objectors.