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Game Theory develops general mathematical formulas and algorithms to identify optimal strategies and to predict the outcome of interactions. The Prisoner's Dilemma is a game analyzed in game theory that shows why two individuals might not cooperate, even though it is in their best interests to cooperate. Game Theory studies strategic interaction in competitive and cooperative environments. Oskar Morgenstern and mathematician John von Neumann also contributed to game theory. Game theory is useful in economics, in mathematics, in management, and in operation research. Game Theory is the science of strategy and attempts to determine what actions different players such as trading partners, employers, unions or even organised crime groups should take to secure the best outcome for themselves. Game Theory has already revolutionized economics, and is spreading to a variety of fields including conflict and war.

Nobel laureates John Nash, Robert Aumann and Thomas Schelling have done pioneering work in the field of game theory. The 2005 Nobel prize for economics was given to Thomas Schelling and Robert Aumann for their work on "game theory."

"I think game theory creates ideas that are important in solving and approaching conflict in general" - Robert Aumann.

On winning the Nobel prize Robert Aumann has said "This is a badge of honour for this branch of science, for game theory."

Thomas Schelling who has said "I'm not really a game theorist" has applied game theory to global security and the cold war arms race. 

Game Theory Society - Founded in January 1999, the society aims to promote the investigation, teaching and application of game theory.

Books On Game Theory

Evolutionary Game Theory, Natural Selection, and Darwinian Dynamics - Thomas L. Vincent, Joel S. Brown. Darwinian dynamics and evolutionary game theory. The evolutionary game theory developed in this book provides the tools necessary for understanding many of nature's mysteries.

Game Theory and Politics - Steven J. Brams. Shows how game theory can explain and elucidate complex political situations, from warfare to presidential vetoes. In these cases and others, game theory’s mathematical structure provides a rigorous, consistent method for formulating, analyzing, and solving strategic problems.

Game Theory : A Nontechnical Introduction - Morton D. Davis. Lucid coverage of the two-person zero-sum game with equilibrium points; the general, two-person zero-sum game; utility theory; other topics.

Game Theory for Applied Economists - Robert Gibbons. Author Robert Gibbons addresses scholars who want a serious and thorough discussion of game theory but who may have found other works overly abstract.

Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict - Roger B. Myerson.

An Introduction to Game Theory - Martin J. Osborne.
Osborne's book is the most complete introduction to game theory available.

A Course in Game Theory - Martin J. Osborne, Ariel Rubinstein.
A Course in Game Theory presents the main ideas of game theory at a level suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, emphasizing the theory's foundations and interpretations of its basic concepts.

Game Theory Evolving - Herbert Gintis.
First extensive treatment in a textbook of evolutionary game theory. A major contribution to the teaching of game theory.

The Survival Game : How Game Theory Explains the Biology of Cooperation and Competition - David P. Barash - Game theory attempts to explain the dynamics of life as a series of individual games, each involving specific moves that take place within a strictly delineated set of rules.

Game Theory at Work: How to Use Game Theory to Outthink and Outmaneuver Your Competition - James D. Miller.

Classics in Game Theory - Harold William Kuhn.
This volume assembles in one sourcebook the basic contributions to the field of game theory.

Game Theory and the Social Contract, Vol. 1: Playing Fair - Ken Binmore.
Ken Binmore argues that game theory provides a systematic tool for investigating ethical matters.

Game Theory and the Law - Douglas G. Baird, Robert H. Gertner, Randal C. Picker.
This book popularizes and extends a new approach (non-cooperative game theory) to the economic analysis of law.

Advances in Understanding Strategic Behaviour : Game Theory, Experiments and Bounded Rationality - Steffen Huck.
In their variety they reflect an entire spectrum of coexisting approaches: from orthodox game theory.

Handbook of Game theory - L. A. Petrosjan, V. V. Mazalov (Editors).

Models in Cooperative Game Theory : Crisp, Fuzzy, and Multi-Choice Games - Rodica Branzei, Dinko Dimitrov, Stef Tijs - This book investigates models in cooperative game theory in which the players have the possibility to cooperate partially.

Introducing Game Theory and its Applications - Elliot Mendelson.
An intelligent guide to game theory, game theoretic notions, and research results.

Gaming the Market : Applying Game Theory to Create Winning Trading Strategies - Ronald B. Shelton - The first How game theory is applicable to decisions about buying and selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, and options.

Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications - R. J. Aumann, S. Hart.
Journal of Economic Literature - This is the third volume of the Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications.

Game Theory: A Critical Text Book - Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Yanis Varoufakis
Provides a clear explanation for the enduring popularity of game theory and its increasing centrality to the teaching of economics.

Game Theory and Economic Analysis (Routledge Advances in Game Theory) Book by Christian Schmidt (Editor)

A Game Theory Analysis of Options: Contributions to the Theory of Financial Intermediation in Continuous Time - Alexandre Ziegler.

Game Theory And Applications - L. A. Petrosjan (Editor), V. V. Mazalov (Editor).

Decision Making using Game Theory : An Introduction for Managers - Anthony Kelly
How game theory can predict the outcome of complex decision-making processes.

Prospectus for a reorientation of game theory (P-1491) Book Thomas C Schelling (Nobel Laureate 2005 for Economics)

Topics in Mathematical Economics in Game Theory: Essays in Honor of Robert J. Aumann - Myrna H. Wooders
Illustrates the wide range of applications of mathematics to economics, game theory, and social choice.

Game Theory for Political Scientists - James D. Morrow

Game Theory with Economic Applications - H. Scott Bierman, Luis Fernandez

Decision Analysis, Game Theory, and Information - Louis Kaplow, Steven Shavell. - "Decision Analysis, Game Theory, and Information" is a spin-off title from a new casebook written by a team of Harvard Law professors.

Game Theory and Strategy - Philip D. Straffin
Game Theory and Strategy is an elegant, crystal-clear expository work.