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What is Information Society? What is the role of information in human behavior, organization, and society? Sociology of the information society, in particular the social-cultural, political, and organizational aspects of information society. Information Society is information-enabled globally-connected, knowledge-based society is driven in large part by the seamless integration of new media. Now we have moved into a global information economy and identify societies that have bridged the digital divide, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, and other nations with an informed way of life as information societies. In the study of information society we try to understand the complex relationship between technological change, its effect upon social divisions, its consequences for social action and the emerging strategies for social inclusion.

"Human societies have seen four distinct revolutions in the character of social interchange: speech, writing, printing and now telecommunication. Each revolution is associated with a distinctive, technologically-based, way of life." - The Social Framework of the Information Society, (Bell 1989).

We are beginning to live in an "information economy" and an "information society" - we are entering an "information age." - Tom Forester.

The crucial point about a post-industrial society is that knowledge and information become the strategic and transforming resources of the information society. - Daniel Bell. 

Mass Communication, Mass Society and Information society are all enslaved in their freedom. - RajrathnamVP

Acacia Initiative - The idea of Acacia emerged at the 1996 Information Society and Development Conference, the first event of its kind held in a developing country, South Africa, and was thus closely associated from the outset with efforts by developing countries, particularly in Africa, to ensure that their voices would help shape the Global Information Society.

End of Millennium : The Information Age, Economy, Information Society and Culture. Manuel Castells. Manuel Castells' trilogy is devoted to processes of global social change induced by interaction between networks and identity. Castells studies empirically the collapse of the Soviet Union, tracing it back to the incapacity of industrial statism to manage the transition to the information age.

What Information Society? Frank Webster. Commentators increasingly talk about information as a defining feature of the modern world. Much attention is now devoted to the informatization of social life: we are told that we are entering an Information Age, that a new mode of information predominates, that we have moved into a global information economy.

Theories of the Information Society - Frank Webster - Theories of the Information Society provides commentaries on all the postwar theories of the information society, Bell, Schiller, Baudrillard, Giddens and Castells. Interest in "information" is growing in the wake of the modernity post-modernity debate.

The Control Revolution: Technological and Economic Origins of the Information Society. Harvard University Press.

Books On Information Society

Knowledge Workers in the Information Society Book by Vincent Mosco

Digital Literacy: Tools and Methodologies for Information Society by Pier Cesare Rivoltella

The Information Society: Cyber Dreams and Digital Nightmares Book by Robert Hassan

The Early Information Society Book by Alistair Black, Dave Muddiman, and Helen Plant

Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society Book by Anthony G. Wilhelm

The Future of Identity in the Information Society: FIDIS International Summer School, Karlstad University, Federation for Information Processing)

Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society Book by Wesley Shrum, Keith R. Benson, Wiebe E. Bijker, and Klaus Brunnstein

Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society Book by Martin Sauter

Theories of the Information Society: (International Library of Sociology) Book by Frank Webster

The Deepening Divide : Inequality in the Information Society
Book by Jan A G M van Dijk

The Information Society: A Study Of Continuity And Change. 4th edition
Book by John Feather

Investigating Information Society
Book by Hugh MacKay, Wendy Maples, Paul Reynolds

Theories of the Information Society (The International Library of Sociology)
Book by Frank Webster

Mobilizing the Information Society: Strategies for Growth and Opportunity
Book by Robin Mansell, W. Edward Steinmueller

The Information Society: A Skeptical View Book by Christopher May

Cyberspace Divide: Equality, Agency and Policy in the Information Society
Book by Brian Loader (Editor)

How the News Makes Us Dumb: The Death of Wisdom in an Information Society
Book by C. John Sommerville, John C. Sommerville

Science, Technology, And Society: A Sociological Approach
Book by Wenda K. Bauchspies, Jennifer Croissant, Sal P. Restivo

The Information Society in an Enlarged Europe Book by Soumitra Dutta (Editor), Arnoud De Meyer (Editor), Amit Jain (Editor), GĂ©rard Richter (Editor)

Information Society Book by Danniel Bell, Daniel Bell

The Information Society Reader (Routledge Studentreaders)
Book by Frank Webster (Editor)

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Book by Manuel Castells, Pekka Himanen

Digital Nation : Toward an Inclusive Information Society
Book by Anthony G. Wilhelm

Cybercrime Vandalizing the Information Society Book by Steven Furnell

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Regulating the Global Information Society (Warwick Studies in Globalisation)
Book by Christopher T. Marsden (Editor)

Overload and Boredom: Essays on the Quality of Life in the Information Society (Contributions in Sociology) Book by Orrin E. Klapp

Towards the Information Society : The Case of Central and Eastern European Countries (Wissenschaftsethik und Technikfolgenbeurteilung) Book by D. Uhl, G. Banse (Editor), C.J. Langenbach (Editor), P. Machleidt (Editor)

The European Information Society: A Reality Check (February, 2004)
Book by Jan Servaes (Editor)

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Making the Information Society: Experience, Consequences, and Possibilities
Book by James W. Cortada.