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Method is a way of doing something. Method is the tool or instrument one uses to measure crime, height, or weight. The method one might use to measure weight is to step on the bathroom scale. There are obviously other methods for measuring weight. There are many methods for measuring crime. One method might be to go to the police department and go through all of their files. Another method might be to use the data provided by the Centre for Justice Statistics, and yet another method might be to design a questionnaire to be given to people asking if they have ever committed a crime or been a victim of a crime.

A method in object-oriented programming is a subroutine that is exclusively associated either with a class or with an object. Method acting refers to the practice by which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals whereas in classical forms of acting actors simulate thoughts and emotions through external means, like vocal intonation or facial expression.

Scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and acquiring new knowledge, as well as for correcting and integrating previous knowledge. 

The essential elements of a scientific method are iterations, recursions, interleavings, and orderings of the following:

Characterizations - Quantifications, Observations, and Measurements,

Hypotheses - theoretical, and hypothetical explanations of observations and measurements,

Predictions - reasoning including logical deduction from hypothesis and theory,

Experiments - tests of all of the above.