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Music Groups

Music reflects and also creates social conditions facilitating social change. Music can express anti-establishment and anti-war protest themes. In 2009, archeologists unearthed a flute carved from bone and ivory that was over 35,000 years old. This proved that even in hunter-gatherer society, music was present and important. Why else take time away from survival tasks to create a musical instrument? Music plays a significant role in strengthening social bond.

In a 2013 review of the research on music, Stefan Koelsch, music psychologist at the Freie University Berlin, described several mechanisms through which music impacts our ability to connect with one another, by impacting brain circuits involved in empathy, trust, and cooperation, explaining how it has survived through social customs and traditions.

Given below are music groups that gave society meaningful and socially relevant lyrics and music:

Pink Floyd

Simon & Garfunkel

Garth Brooks

Bob Dylan

Cliff Richard

John Lennon

Rod Stewart

Don McLean

Pete Seeger

The Beatles

Johnny Cash

The Temptations


Joe Hill