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Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is a good example of music dealing with social conditions, war and politics. Chief lyricist and bassist Roger Waters’s turn towards social and psychological ruminations in the 1970s resonated with the widespread societal soul-searching of the era. What have we done Maggie what have we done. What have we done to England. Pink Flyod's The Post War Dream is a classic, What happened to the post war dream? Oh Maggie Maggie what have we done?  example on war theme. The Hero's Return, Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Paranoid Eyes, Southampton Dock, The Final Cut, Two Suns In The Sunset and The Gunners Dream are some their best Pink Floyd songs.

Pink Floyd achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, extended compositions and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd are one of the most commercially successful and musically influential groups in the history of popular music. The Dark Side of the Moon featured as part of Pink Floyd's US tour. The album is one of the most commercially successful rock albums of all time; a US number 1, it remained on the Billboard chart for more than fourteen years, selling more than 45 million copies worldwide.

“Come on you target for faraway laughter. Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!”
― Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

“Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?”
― Pink Floyd

“Long you live and high you'll fly, and smiles you'll give, tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”
― Pink Floyd.

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