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Stratification and Mobility Dr. Matthew McKeever - University of Kentucky - Intended as an introduction to the major theories, methods, and findings of stratification and mobility research in sociology. Comprises one of the main areas of research in both American and international sociology.

Students interested in the study of social inequalities will benefit from taking this course not only because it familiarizes one with this body of research, but also because it presents an organized frame of reference within which it is possible to construct research questions. We will examine this field by reading the classic works in the core areas of study.

Begins with an introduction to the theoretical traditions that underlie this body of literature. This includes the construction of the concept of class in the writings of Marx and Weber, more recent theoretical works that examine alternative resources utilized for attaining status in industrial societies, and the bases of different measures of socioeconomic status.

The course then covers the major topic areas of stratification research: class analysis, status attainment, educational attainment, and occupational mobility. In this section we will focus on both the methodology and the substantive findings of core research. The third part of the course is an investigation of further alterations to these core areas of study, as well as new empirical research sites. In this section we will examine topics such as race and gender, alternative labor market theories, consequences of mobility and inequality, and studies of inequality in transitional societies.

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