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Sociological theories and classical sociological theory, and the expression of this tradition in contemporary theory. Concepts and theories of classical sociology and application of these concepts and theories to the analysis of contemporary society. Assumptions and concepts of major sociological theories and the classical roots of the modern theories. Functionalism, conflict theory, theories of rational choice, symbolic interactionism, phenomenology, actor-network theory, neo-Marxian theories of space, chaos in sociological theories and theories of globalization. Sociologists T. Robert Malthus, Herbert Spencer, Auguste Comte, David Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Robert King Merton, C. Wright Mills, Marvin Harris, Gerhard Lenski, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Georg Simmel, W.E.B. Du Bois, and George Herbert Mead are all major classical sociological theorists.

Contemporary Schools of Sociological Theories

Symbolic interactionism, phenomenological sociology, structuralism, network theory, critical theory, feminist theory, modernity and postmodernity.

Micro and Macro Sociology





Marxism and Darwinism

Sociology of Knowledge

Anomie, Anomia and Anomic Division of Labour

Chaos Theory

Game Theory



Action Theory

Phenomenological Sociology

Symbolic Interactionism

Social Interaction



Social Network


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