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Sociology of gambling is about the culture, economics and legality of gambling. Blaise Pascal said that in the face of uncertainty, we should try to believe that God exists, because, if he does, then we stand to gain a great deal, while if not, we stand to lose little and this is the ultimate gamble. Sociology of gambling will cover the current legal, legislative, economic, and social environment concerning gambling. Sociology of gambling is about the cultural and social implications of gambling. Sociology of gambling reviews and evaluates the most popular and influential explanations for gambling and the many research studies that have been conducted to confirm or refute them.

Sociology of gambling analyses the relationship between age and gambling and gambling addiction; the social implication of state sponsored gambling and an aging population; social and psychological stimulation of gambling and its appeal to the elderly. In sociology of gambling we study gambling as a consequence of the social or subcultural environment in which the gambler lives. An entire generation of young people has reached adulthood within a context of approval and endorsement of gambling as a source of entertainment and recreation including addictive games like PUBG. Young people have evidenced a higher level of gambling related problems.

The sociology of gambling in China. - T J Cheng.
Foreword to Sociology of Gambling. Definition, Category, Purpose & Methodology. Viewing Gambling Culture from Historical Perspective. The Tendency of Modernization of Gambling Industry. The Positive & Negative Impact of Gambling. The Application of Gambling Sociology. In putting forward the notion of a "Sociology of Gambling" Professor Cheng weaves many strands of a complex field and offers both an interesting and scientific understanding of the subject.

Books On Sociology Of Gambling

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