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In 'Sociology, Work and Industry,' Tony Watson argues that sociology came about in the first place to make sense of the massive upheavals caused by the industrialization of societies, and believes that its potential is no less in the face of contemporary upheavals. Sociology of Work and Industry includes a wide range of work areas. Sociology of Work and Industry provides perspectives on the dynamics of the workplace and international approaches to work-related issues. Analysis of all forms of work and critical examination of the changing nature of work, their relation to wider social processes and structures, and to the quality of life. Braverman's contribution to the sociology of work and industry has been important and his theories of the labour process continue to inform teaching and research. Braverman's thesis has, however, been contested, notably by Andrew Freidman in his work Industry and Labour (1977).

Journals On Sociology of Work and Industry

Work, Employment & Society. Description: Analyses all forms of work and their relation to wider social processes and structures, and to quality of life. It embraces the study of the labour process; industrial relations; changes in labour markets; and the gender and domestic divisions of labour.

Industrial Relations, the Institute's academic journal, is in its thirty-fourth year of publication. With four issues a year, Industrial Relations offers a valuable international perspective on current topics in industrial relations. Each issue includes research articles, notes, and symposia on all aspects of employment relations and the labor market.

Japan Institute of Labour - Publisher of the monthly journal Japan Labour Bulletin.

Work and Occupations: An International Sociological Journal - Daniel B. Cornfield. Description: Get a broad perspective on the dynamics of the workplace and examine international approaches to work-related issues in this respected journal. Work and Occupations offers distinguished scholarship with an interdisciplinary perspective.

Sociology of Work and Industry Syllabus

Sociology of Work at Rutgers. This course presents two interrelated aspects of work: the academic field of Sociology of Work and an introduction to career planning. In Sociology of Work, we will critically examine the changing nature of work.

Sociology of Work and Industry Abstracts

MARX, COMPUTERS AND THE END OF INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM - Thomas W. O'Donnel, Sanjiv Gupta. In this paper we argue that traditional industrial unionism is doomed and will not survive as a significant social force into the next century.

Books on Sociology of Work and Industry

Irene Padavic, Women and Men at Work - Second Edition - This book differs from others by comparing women’s and men’s work status, addressing contemporary issues within a historical perspective, incorporating comparative material from other countries, recognizing differences in the experiences of women and men from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Sociology, Work and Industry: Fifth edition - Tony J. Watson.
This popular text effectively explains and justifies the use of the sociological imagination to understand the nature of institutions of work, occupations, organizations, management and employment, and how they are changing in the twenty-first century. With outstanding breadth of coverage, it provides an authoritative overview of both traditional and emergent themes in the sociological study of work; explains the basic logic of sociological analysis of work and work-related institutions and provides an appreciation of different theoretical traditions.

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The Sociology of Education and Work Book by David B. Bills.

Work and Industry : Structures, Markets, and Processes (Plenum Studies in Work and Industry) Book by Arne L. Kalleberg, Ivar Berg

A Sociology of Work in Japan (Contemporary Japanese Society)
Book by Ross Mouer, Hirosuke Kawanishi, Yoshio Sugimoto, Harumi Befu, Roger Goodman, Michio Muramatsu, Wolfgang Seifert, Chizuko Ueno (Series Editors)

Tangled Routes: Women, Work, and Globalization on the Tomato Trail  by Deborah Barndt.

Work Under Capitalism (New Perspectives in Sociology Book by Chris Tilly, Charles Tilly.

Diversity in the Work Force, Volume 14 (Research in the Sociology of Work)
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Ready-To-Wear and Ready-To-Work: A Century of Industry and Immigrants in Paris and New York (Comparative and International Working-Class History) by Nancy L. Green.

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Analyzing the Labor Force: Concepts, Measures, and Trends (Plenum Studies in Work and Industry) Book by Clifford C. Clogg, Scott R. Eliason, Kevin T. Leicht.