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State capitalism is a term proposed by critical sociologists to describe the political and economic structure of Soviet-style communist systems. The core idea is that state ownership of the means of production. State capitalism merely substituted bureaucratic domination by the state and state officials for that of owners of capital. Spirit of Capitalism is methodical and calculating in the pursuit of profit. Karaoke Capitalism is institutionalized imitation, where copycat firms dominate. The histories of German and Japanese Capitalism demonstrate that capitalism's structural forms and functional relations evolve by means of different processes with different goals. Lenin viewed Taylorism as only a temporary measure to be used in the transitory stage of state capitalism.

The territorial politics of regulation under state capitalism: Regional parties and the politics of local economic development in South Korea, Park, Bae-Gyoon. Abstract: The paper theorises the politics of local economic development in terms of the territorialisation of regulatory processes.

Brazilian privatization in international perspective: the rocky path from state capitalism to regulatory capitalism - Goldstein. Abstract: The consequences of privatization in terms of corporate governance are analyzed. Domestic financial institutions have partly filled the void left after the state retrenchment. 

The Andean Pact and State Capitalism in Colombia. Abstract: Fernandez and Ocampo argue that regional integration is a tool of imperialist domination and demonstrate the relationship between imperialist regional integration and the development of state capitalism in Colombia.

Has Brazil Moved Toward State Capitalism? Jonathan Fox.

Russia in 2000-2004: Heading towards State Capitalism? Radygin. Abstract: That in all likelihood the trend to the state capitalism has become clearer over 2003-2004.

America's Contribution of "State Capitalism" - Black, Wilfred W. Abstract: America's economic system is re-examined in the light of changes which have occurred since 1932.
 Abstract: The transformation state socialist societies involved the introduction of capitalism from above. The current 'varieties of capitalism' debate focuses on developed high income capitalist countries.

Lenin as Scientific Manager Under Monopoly Capitalism, State Capitalism, and Socialism: A Response to Scoville - VICTOR G. DEVINATZ, Illinois State University - College of Business. Abstract: The seeds of Lenin's 1918 views on Taylorism actually were contained in an article he wrote in 1914.

EmergTsushima's Theory of State Capitalism - The Limits of Wishful Theories of "Socialism" - Written by Hiroyoshi Hayashi (1992). Translated by Roy West. A consideration of the essential contradictions of Soviet state capitalism. Tsushima is opposed to the Stalinists' distribution according to the "quantity and quality of labor." He emphasizes that socialism is a principally equal society. He believes that the Stalinists are the bearers of state capitalism and therefore an exploiting Varieties of Capitalism in Former State Socialist Societies, Lane, David.

Socialism: Stalinist or Scientific - The Marxist Theory of State capitalism, Hiroyoshi Hayashi & Kennichi Suzuki. Translated by Roy West.

The Marxist-Humanist theory of state-capitalism: Selected writings, Dunayevskaya, Raya, Chicago: News and Letters, 1992, pages xxvi, 168. 

State capitalism and working-class radicalism in the French aircraft industry, Chapman, Herrick, Berkeley and Oxford: University of California Press, 1991, pages xvii, 412. 

State capitalism: Public enterprise in Canada, Laux, Jeanne Kirk; Molot, Maureen Appel, Studies in Political Economy series, Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1988, pages ix, 250. 

State capitalism: The wages system under new management, Buick, Adam; Crump, John, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1986.

The Role of the State in the System of State Monopoly Capitalism, Sorvina, G. N., Smirnov, A. D., ed.; Golosov, V. V., ed.; Maximova, V. F., ed. The Teaching of Political Economy: A Critique of Non Marxian Theories. Translated by, H. Campbell Creighton.

James, C.L.R. (1998). “The USSR is a Fascist State Capitalism.” The Fate of the Russian Revolution; Lost Texts of Critical Marxism, Vol. I. (Sean Matgamna, ed.) Pp. 319--324. London: Phoenix Press.

French Developments in the Theory of State Monopoly Capitalism, Fairley, John, Science and Society; 44(3), Fall 1980.

The Theory of State Capitalism - From: State Capitalism vs. Libertarian Socialism. Wayne Price - NEFAC. Anarchists accused the Bolsheviks of creating state capitalism. It was Marxists who developed state capitalism as a theory. Most of the theorists of state capitalism were dissident Trotskyists. They rejected Trotsky’s belief that Stalinist Russia remained a “workers’ state” so long as it kept nationalized property.

State-Capitalism and Marx’s Humanism or Philosophy and Revolution by Raya Dunayevskaya, News & Letters Detroit 1967.

State Capitalism in Russia, Tony Cliff, Pluto 1974. Within the Russian economy he writes the “law of value, as the motor force and regulator of production, is not to be found in it.”

Andropovs Ascendancy Reflects The Final Stage of State-Capitalisms Degeneracy, by Raya Dunayevskaya The Marxist-Humanist Theory of State-Capitalism.

State-Capitalism and Marx’s Humanism or Philosophy and Revolution by Raya Dunayevskaya, News & Letters Detroit 1967.

The theory of State-Capitalism from the vantage point of post-‘communist’ global capitalism - By Chris Ford.
State-capitalism as developed amongst the Third Camp socialists was in response to a situation very different from our “post-communist” era.