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SO 303 Urban Sociology - Wiggins, Cleon - Independence - KC Accelerated - Park Univ - syllabus

Syllabus - Department of Sociology - Saginaw Valley State University

URBAN SOCIOLOGY THEORIES. Urban sociology syllabus. Urban sociology course documents: University of Chicago is the origin of Urban Sociology in the United States -


Buffalo University Syllabus - Will examine social aspects of past, contemporary and future city life such as neighboring and community in the city, the economics of the city, and urban political issues. Sociological concepts of status systems, race relations, deviant behavior, mass culture, is helpful.
Required reading:
1- The New Urban Sociology by Mark Gottdiener, McGraw-Hill 1994.
2- Streetwise by Elijah Anderson, University of Chicago Press 1990.
3- Free Enterprise City by Joe Feagin, Rutgers University Press 1988.

Northwest Missouri State University
Approximately 80% of the U.S. population resides in urban areas. This course will examine the structure of urban areas and the processes occurring in these areas. By studying these issues it will provide students with a better understanding of individuals and social-structure.

1. Develop students' knowledge and understanding of the structure and functioning of urban areas.
2. Promote thought about urban areas, urban processes and urban life.

TEXTBOOK - Gottdiener, Mark (1994). The New Urban Sociology. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Syllabus - Department of Sociology - Saginaw Valley State University -

Required Texts:
Macionis, J. J., & Parrillo, V. N. (1998). Cities and Urban Life. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
Wilson, W. J. (1987). The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy. Chicago, Il: University of Chicago Press.

Short Essay Papers
These papers are designed to get us thinking about our cities in relation to the materials that we are reading in class. Each paper is worth 40 points and should be approximately 2 - 3 pages in length, computer generated, one-inch margins, double spaces, and laser printed. Due dates are listed on the course schedule. Topic for these papers are as follows:
Essay 1 - Due September 19, 2002
A Brief introduction to the city which you are studying.
General History of the City
Demographic Information of the city (including: population, size, location, etc.)
Current information on the city (including: Mayor, current controversies)
Essay 2 - Due October 24, 2002
Discuss two of the classical approaches to Urban Sociology (with the exception of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft)
Describe the two approaches.
What do these approaches address?
How do they relate to your city?
Essay 3 - Due November 21, 2002
Discuss the 'underclass debate' and how that relates to your city.

SO 303 Urban Sociology - Wiggins, Cleon - Independence
KC Accelerated - Park University
COURSE TEXTBOOK: The Urban World, 7th edition, John Palen, McGraw-Hill publishers

A study of the development of the city and of the social characteristics of urbanization, ecology, social processes, group relations, and selected urban problems.

The goal of the course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of concepts surrounding the development of urban cities in the United States. This course will also aim to better prepare students to understand, anticipate and deal with the myriad of issues facing urban areas in this country.

After completing this course, students should have a solid understanding of the complexities facing urban communities today, how many of the issues developed, their impact on surrounding communities, and how best to deal with those issues and concerns, particularly as they affect the residents.